Un restaurant bio & une boutique bio écologiques.

Biodôme in Hégenheim [En]

You are longing for a healthier lifestyle and products that suit you? This is Biodôme’s challenge! At the Biodôme you will discover organic products and groceries rigorously selected in accordance with man, environment and the cycles of nature.

Biodôme : a bioethical story !

Our adventure began over twenty years in a tiny 20m² country house, our home in Uffheim, a little township in the Haut-Rhin, with a little shop that provided local and rural products as well as a small range of organic goods.

Noticing the always increasing demand of our customers, we decided to invest and to open a small store dedicated to a consumption that respects the environment. That’s when our company “Le Fermier” (The Farmer) was born in Hégenheim, a village nearby Saint-Louis. The rise of a new model of eco-consumption with many producers and buyers persuaded us to share that “organic adventure” together and to become the happy managers of “Le Fermier”.

Since 2008, “Le Fermier” has moved into a 1000m² large ecological living space. Renamed as the Biodôme and situated in Hégenheim’s working area, our shop enables you to discover over 10,000 natural products, food and organic cosmetics. More than an organic store, the Biodôme is an example for sustainable building with:

  • Its pellet stoves,
  • Its solar panels,
  • Its wind wheel (under construction),
  • Its underground heat exchanger,
  • Its rainwater collecting systeme,
  • Its panoramic green roof,
  • Its composting station,
  • Its permeable parking area,
  • Its recycling system.

We wish that the Biodôme becomes a model for all its future visitors, for which the “ecocitizen“trend has turned into a strong ecological awareness.

Biodôme : a building that respects the environment

More than an organic store, we wanted the Biodôme to be a showcase for sustainable energies, which is why our establishment meets all the criteria of an HQE building (High Quality Environmental). Perfectly integrated in Hégenheim’s landscape, the Biodôme consists of:

  • Entirely wooden designed scaffold and roof.
  • An insulation made of hemp panels (loft insulation)
  • An exterior wall insulation consisting in a mixture of quicklime and hemp grown in France (without chemicals and without irrigation).
  • A green roof which guarantees air-conditioning and ground floor insulation.

In the construction of the Biodôme, everything has been given considerable thought to. We hope that it will have a positive influence on our customers and that it will be an inspiration to younger people.

Choose a restaurant & a green organic shop

Live better and live organic with Biodôme! In our establishment, you will find:

  • A shopping area with 10,000 referenced organic products,
  • An organic restaurant

Biodôme also has an information center where conferences, debates as well as exhibitions on sustainable development and the revolution of attitudes can be organized.

At Biodôme, our goal is to help you taking care of yourself, your body, your mind and your living space with products from nature and inspired by nature, because nature is the one who guides us towards a better balance. So don’t hesitate any longer, go ahead and discover our restaurant and organic store!

Biodôme in Hégenheim [En] Pfastatt 4
36 rue des Landes
68220 Hégenheim
Telefon : 03 89 67 63 29

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